Goalkeeper I - Basics and Goalkeeper II - Advanced sessions are 4 week programs that cover the following curriculum:

GK – I Basic Program

Our daily routine includes ball gymnastics & agility training to improve footwork and quickness.

  • Catching - Basic & Advanced - High Balls & Crosses
  • Diving – Collapsed, Extended & Advanced
  • Breakaways – Technique & Angle Play , Plus...
  • Punching, Parrying, Distribution, Sling Throws, Punts

GK – II Advanced Program

The advanced program includes the same as the Basic Program but features a more intense training regimen with emphasis on the psychological aspects of Goalkeeping & Communication with Defense, Angles & Positioning, and more.

Technical Training:

  • Play on the Line
  • Diving: Low, Medium and High
  • 3 Dimensional Angle Play
  • Footwork
  • Tipping Over the Bar
  • Dealing with Crosses
  • Play off the Line
  • Boxing: One and Two Hands
  • Breakaway Technique and Tactics
  • Goalie Wars
  • Shootout Competition
  • Reading the Game
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Interval & Pressure Training
  • Setting the Wall and Defending Free Kicks
  • Initiating the Attack
  • Plyometric, Footwork and Speed Training
  • Fitness Training and Testing

Tactical Training

  • Plyometrics and Advanced Footwork
  • Beating the Offside Trap and Role of the Sweeper/Keeper
  • Defending Restarts
  • Match Analysis
  • Interval (Pressure) Training
  • Mental Toughness Development
  • Attacking out of the Back
  • Complex Shoot/Save Training Exercises
  • Goalkeeper Circuit Training is for goalkeepers by goalkeepers. is for goalkeepers by goalkeepers.

Contact Christian at with questions on goalkeeper gloves or goalkeeper equipment.


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